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Master They SoonTuan

The UK Founder and Representative

Master They

Master They SoonTuan started his training in martial arts at seven years of age, spending at least five hours a day practising. He was subsequently schooled  in various styles under prominent Chinese masters. With encouragement from his teachers he studied various forms of Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Kung Fu including Wing Chun, Crane style, and Mantis systems. He finally studied under Master Wu Song Fa.

Upon Master They's arrival in the UK he realised that Wushu had been greatly misrepresented and started teaching in 1977. The School was registered with the national governing bodies in 1981. His aim was to provide correct tuition in authentic Chinese martial arts (Wushu) in order to live a healthier and more content life.

As well as his role as founder of Wutan UK (currently the largest Chinese martial arts school in the UK and training many others) and sharing over 40 years of martial arts knowledge,  Master They is currently: