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Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung

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Master Wu teaching Chen Style Tai Chi in Wutan branch, Bath

Our Syllabus

Beginner’s 12-week courses in Tai Chi and Chi Kung are held regularly throughout the year. An easy to follow sequence of movements, teaching the first part of simplified Yang Tai Chi, together with their applications are taught so that participants can start to feel the benefits of Tai Chi straight away. The slow movements are designed to relax the body and calm the mind.
After 12 weeks the more serious member may continue his/her training to complete the form and continue their Tai Chi studies at a pace that suits them.

Our comprehensive and structured syllabus includes all aspects of Tai Chi and internal martial arts training and development. These arts have been passed down over decades of intensive study and research with some of China’s leading exponents. Details of past masters may be found in the book, "Tai Chi – Treasure of Mankind."


Ours is a progressive syllabus containing complete systems for internal (body/mind/energy) development. Different aspects of training are gradually introduced from the basic skills (Jibeng Gong) to intermediate levels, leading to Instructor/advanced levels and beyond. Our School operates a lifelong learning policy and syllabus includes:


  • Chi Kung – Also spelt Qigong (pron: chee gong) is "energy work" from basic levels to advanced.
  • Traditional Tai Chi  – Beginner's start with Yang style that is the easiest to learn. At intermediate levels, members may learn Sun, Wu and Chen styles that are taught progressively. Learning different variations can create a more well rounded Tai Chi stylist (analogous to a musician who is able to play several instruments) who may then wish to specialise in a form that fits their body structure, temperament, aspirations and so forth. For example, Sun style employs higher stance work and is particularly suitable for those who are not very supple, whereas original Chen Tai Chi is more atheletic and demanding on lower stances and faster movements.
  • Beijing Forms such as 24-Step and 42-step, modern forms created to standardise China’s vast martial arts. Optional, for those wishing to follow international routines for competition or health.
  • Pushing Hands practice (Tui Shou and Ta Lu), Form and Applications that teach the meanings of movements and postures. 
  • Pa Kua Chang – is Tai Chi's "sister" art: from basic to advanced levels.
  • Hsing I Chuan – is also Tai Chi's sister art: from basic Five Elements, Chi Kung, to advanced Linking and two-person Forms.
  • Complete 18-Weapons System of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts: e.g.,Short Pole, Long Sword, Tai Chi Straight Sword, Broadsword, Long Pole, Spear etc.

All classes are taught by our experienced instructor teamwho are themselves practising and learning from the arts that they love. Members are also supervised by Sifu They and Master Wu to ensure the highest standards are maintained. Students also have the opportunity to learn directly from Professor Li, the composer of many of the modern Beijing Tai Chi forms.

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