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Kung Fu
For Self-Defence, Health and Confidence

Different styles of Kung Fu are taught to equip practitioners with real-life self defence skills , both for close quarter combat (e.g. Wing Chun) and for longer range fighting (e.g. Chang Chuan). Hand techniques and kicking are equally employed so that practitioners learn to be adept at using both. Our Kickboxing syllabus and Women Only  class incorporates semi and full-contact martial arts (Qingda and Sanda) that utilises the techniques from the traditional systems in a highly controlled manner. This training is highly rewarding and involves a fair amount of fitness, padwork, impact training and sparring that is optional .

Classes involve many aspects of physical conditioning from an aerobic workout (cardiovascular training) to toning of the body and the practice of Chi Kung, renowned for its capacity to strengthen the body and improve the circulation of energy around the body. When the whole body is used properly to apply a movement there is correct alignment of bone and tendons and the muscle groups are optimised for the delivery of power and force when and as required.This is different to using brute force to overcome an assailant. The emphasis is on natural body power and skill that involve mechanical principles that are in line with the natural laws of physics, physiology and anatomy.

The knowledge that we have good health and a body free from joint pains, weak knees or stiff muscles means we can have good posture. With good posture, our breathing becomes more relaxed and naturally deeper. This helps to relax the mind and makes one more focused allowing dealing with situations, which would otherwise lead to stress. A healthy body can also fight off infection and disease quicker. Together with basic self-defence at a very early stage of training gives confidence and a positive mental attitude to be successful in all walks of life. Our syllabus