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Choy Li Fut
Five Animals System for self-defence and health

Choy Li Fu Class in Plymouth:
Thursdays 8:00pm, Mount Street School, Greenbank, Plymouth PL4 8NZ

Choy Li Fut comes from the early and mid-19 th century by Chang Heung. It is believed that Chang learnt from three monks who originated from the Shaolin (Xiao Lin) temple. The style combines techniques from both the northern and southern systems of Kung Fu and is characterised relaxed waist power and is one of the most popular styles from southern China.

The Tiger , Leopard , Snake , Crane and Dragon are the 5 animals, the essence of which is used to cultivate characteristics of a well-rounded martial artist. For example, the tiger system is used to develop muscles and tendons and the leopard to develop agility and speed. The snake incorporates twisting and coiling and the crane develops internal power. Sifu They spent many years training in the White Crane system and taught on behalf of his teacher for 4 years before teaching in the UK in 1977. This system is the precursor of Karate and the first form of Crane Kung Fu, Sanchin, forms an advanced Kata of many traditional systems of Karate. Sanchin is also used by many Southern Kung Fu systems, providing evidence of the common ancestory of Chinese and Japanese martial arts.

As with the other animals, the essence of the dragon is in the development of spiritual awareness. The essential elements of all 5 animal systems overlap to create a well-balanced martial artist.

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