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Master Wu Song Fa
Our Master at the Heart of Wutan

Master Wu Song Fa

Master Wu Song Fa (Ng Choong Fah) is one of Grandmaster Liu's senior disciples. After training and establishing himself in the famous Chin Woo (Jing Wu) School, Master Wu sought to find a deeper understanding of martial arts. Upon coming across Grandmaster Liu, Master Wu was profoundly impressed with his skills and spent many years under his direct supervision learning the arts of Wutan and subsequently teaching under him.

He taught the Presidential Palace bodyguards and was editor of the Wutan magazine. Whilst teaching, he introduced the arts of the Chin Woo School that had been given new life by Grandmaster Liu, to the people in Taiwan. Some of these arts were later taken to Japan by some of his students.  

Master Wu subsequently established the Wutan Baji Bagua Association of Malaysia and remains Advisor of Baji Quan Committee in Taiwan. Out of the many people who approached Master Wu to study under him Sifu They became the first formal student and a  disciple of the Wutan tradition.
With over five decades of Chinese martial arts knowledge, Master Wu demonstates skill that are rarely found in todays martial arts circles. He visits the UK annually to directly train students and his disciples so that Wutan UK maintains the highest standards of Wushu practise.

Master Wu's teachers in the Chinese martial arts 

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