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Grandmaster Liu Yun Chiao
Founder of Wutan

Grand Master Liu Yun Chiao

The history of Wutan can be reliably traced back to 1712AD and the birth of Wu Chong. The skills were passed down over a succession of generations to Grandmaster Liu Yun Chiao (Liu Yun Qiao). Also spelt Wu-Tan or Wutang, the School was founded in 1966 in the Republic of China to promote genuine martial arts.

Grandmaster Liu was chairman of the Civil Defence Forces, advisor to the government and the head trainer of the Imperial Palace bodyguards of President Chiang Kai-shek. He was one of the world's prominent and acclaimed masters of Chinese martial arts, specialising in several different styles of Wushu.

The arts were taught to many students who were already highly skilled in other martial arts. The styles that they brought into Wutan include various forms of Tai Chi and Kung Fu that are practiced today in our UK curriculum. These disciples were subsequently instructed to spread the teachings of Wutan all over the world. One of Grandmaster Liu's favorite disciples is Master Wu Song Fa.

Grandmaster Liu's calligraphy

It reads:

In physical exercise the most important point is to achieve relaxation (song), calm and sinking. When we relax chi can flow properly. When sinking you can issue power from the whole body structure. Relaxation and sinking are the key principles of martial arts training.

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Liu Yun Chiao 

A few more translated quotes of Grandmaster Liu 

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