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Women only classes

All levels of fitness and abilities welcome!  20 annual joining fee and 6.50 a class.

Women have originated two of the main martial styles to come out of China, namely, Wing Chun and the Crane system. Wing Chun was named after Yim Wing herself and later the Crane system, one of the Shaolin 5 Animals that was brought into Japan was promoted as what is now called Karate .

Our women only syllabus follows the Wutan Kickboxing curriculum where there is more emphasis on:

Class structure
The sessions are run in a fun and friendly atmosphere with emphasis on exercises incorporating Chi Kung training. Initially basic drills are taught followed by impact training on pads. Towards the end of the session, there is an opportunity to do some light and controlled semi-contact sparring, although that remains entirely optional.

For over 25 years Wutan has endeavoured to get more females into martial arts. We now have over 20 female instructors teaching throughout the UK, many of them full-time. Recently, Tanya Bowye's success of 2nd place in the World Sanshou Championships and 3rd place in the 8th World Wushu Championships in Vietnam is testimony to some of the talent in Wutan.

"The rhythmical fighting sequences help one to improve confidence, cultivate self-respect and promote many health benefits." - Master They