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Expert Tuition in Chinese Martial Arts

Since 1977, Wutan in the UK have introduced thousands of beginners into martial arts. Most enjoy their weekly classes and find a fulfilling hobby and others have gone on to become teachers themselves with our School. Some of our most talented members have become national and international champions representing the British Wushu Team and Great Britain.

Our aims are to help each person, whatever their age, ability, race, social or religious background to succeed in their personal training goals. By combining ancient wisdom with modern scientific approaches, our efficient and non-commercialised martial arts training offer a vast array of benefits for many aspects of everyday life. By introducing the benefits to more people we hope to widen participation and make it possible for everyone to access our classes.

Some key benefits of studying Chinese martial arts:


This website has been created by students of Wutan in honour of our teachers (pictured on the right) and to raise the profile of our School in the South West of England. Here you will find information about our activities locally as well as a very brief introduction to just some of the martial arts taught in our institute. We hope you enjoy your visit and can join us in our efforts to promote authentic martial arts and a healthier society.

"To cultivate one's wisdom by training the body with Wu Shu,
To follow the way of nature through understandng the Way of Warrior."